Lisa Holland

So beautiful and so peaceful. Me and hubby had date night, then walked the farm, and then cut & picked lavender. Such a nice day, despite rain in the beginning.

Patrick Yantaputra

Great lavender field smell of peaceful relaxing mind

Angela Brown

Heaven in Imlay'll think you're in heaven when you stop by and wander through rows and rows of lavender. There are different types to choose from to make your unique bouquets. The lavender flowers look beautiful, smell heavenly and there are plenty of spots to take selfies and photos of your loved ones. Plus, this a heaven for the bees ? Guess what? They even do yoga ?‍♀️ on the farm. How cool and relaxing is that ? Namaste ?? and pick some lavender.

Akira Luqman

Grate place to take pictures the building smells so good they have amazing products and the lavender fields are beautiful grate place to take pictures in an all white dress

Kendra Slone

Wonderful soaps and lotions!! Extremely pleased with the goatmilk and honey soap!! Planning to visit before the weather turns.. looks like heaven on earth!!!

Jenni O'brien

A lovely lavender farm! I love the fun activities planned and the beauty of the farm. Friendly staff! It was a great date night with my husband and look forward to our next visit.

the journey of KC

beautiful place. smells amazing. the 3 of us got a $15 band of lavender to take home. the staff was really nice. in the store the have a variety of lavender infused items. we got a cookie, lavender honey, and some lavender melts

ReveilLiam S

Had an amazing time, I did the upick for $15 and got a ton of lavender. They had a great variety of lavender mixed scents for soaps and such, and the staff was extremely friendly! I spent over $80 and got A LOT of different stuff, everything was decently priced and a on awesome quality. 10/10 would go again.

Annie Falgui - de Luna

I needed a get away and Indigo Lavender Farms was the perfect place to spend time alone, be in nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery and calming scent. Thank you! I had a fantastic afternoon.

Kelly S

Had such a good time picking lavender, except maybe for the heat! Lots of selection & the $15 bunch was huge! I taught myself (via Pinterest) how to make wands. I will come back for classes in the future!

Ashley Clements

One of my favorite places on earth! Gorgeous lavender, great people, and an amazing atmosphere! You really must stop out if you have a day to meander through the rows!

Bill Younan

Great to experience to see the farm , very nicely grown and organized .Good time to take the family out to do something for the day. They do have an indoor gift shop with all kind of knick naks.

Crystal Campagne

This is a beautiful farm, and is certified all natural. The owner explained that means they do not use pesticides or chemicals. They do most things by hand, including weeding, cutting, and processing the lavender. I learned they have yoga and musical entertainment on the farm as well.

Carol Montagne

Went to wreath making class! My wreath is beautiful!!!!Loved the instructor ? the store was awesome. Definitely recomend

Sarah Jacobsen

I went for the Michigan Lavender Festival- it was a beautiful, peaceful experience. I really enjoyed doing the U-Pick bundle, while a friend of mine enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful weather while I was collecting my bundle. I was also delighted to see that they encourage honeybees to visit their lavender, as we need these precious pollinators more than ever.

Yuliya Pavlova

Awesome experience without driving for hours to the UpNorth! Gorgeous and Instagram worthy lavender fields , great service and the gift shop!

Michael Tuffelmire

OMG, all I can think about are the feilds in France when I am here. I didn't know this existed now that I do, I will be returning as many times as it takes to feed my appetite for lavender.

Mon Robby

I love going here! It smells so lovely. People that work there are very nice and helpful. They offer yoga and painting parties certain times of the year. Love it!

Allie Anderson

So pretty and so much fun!

Igmar Uy

Picked quite a nice bunch of Lavender. Early July is peak season.

Shannon Clark

Friendly staff, beautiful lavender fields. They also sell honey and other lavender related items, host paint and sip parties and yoga

Nancy Springstube

Beautiful place to experience. A must see place.

red mama

Amazing lavender fields- thousands of plants, different varieties. A unique and lovely array of products are made from the lavender they grow and are available in their store- from honey and tea, to soaps and lotions, CBD products, candles, essential oil, and more......if you like more of an small business, down-home experience while you shop then this is the place for you. The staff can discuss all the items with you, rather than just cash you out at a cash register. They treat you more like a friend coming to visit, rather than just another customer. If you prefer the anonymus, neglectful, department store experience, then this wouldn't be to your liking. And the products are top notch to boot!!!

Loleta Smith

Was so hot at the lavender festival but this part was worth it. Can't wait until next season!



Robert Miles

My wife and I visited the farm and she loved it. I'm not one to love flowers and plants, but I was impressed. It is very neat and clean. They have many bee hives around to pollinate the plants. She cut a bundle of lavender and it is now hanging in the basement to dry. They also have a small shop where you can buy various lavender products. It was a nice outing.

Kathleen Fernandez

My husband and I went to the farm this afternoon and it was such a lovely experience. We live about an hour away and the trip was 100% worth it. The fields smell amazing, and the staff was super friendly and welcoming. I bought some lavender honey and I saw that you also sell products on Etsy and Amazon which is great!

Mark Thompson

Lovely Farm , if you love Lavender , this is the place to go !

Kyle Van Houtte

Beautiful farm! Crazy to think that this place is only five years old. Shop was cute and full of lavender products. Friendly staff, prices were fair, and their lavender field with the rolling hill was very french esque. We grabbed some macaroons on the way out and they were great. Definitely would recommend!

Paula Lipski Bellhorn

My girlfriend and I had a fabulous time! Walking through the lavender fields, chatting away and harvesting our huge bundles of lavender for $15 (which included the $5 entrance)! We were so relaxed afterwards. Definitely will be returning!

Ayn Zitzman

Such a lovely place! I highly recommend making a stop to pick some lavender or take some photos. They have a little shop as well.

Angelia Loftis

Absolutely beautiful lavender farm! Enjoyed our Sunday afternoon there! The owners were very kind and informative about how to properly care for our lavender once we got it home. Will definitely be going back!

Kristen Curtis

So beautiful. Great place to take pictures for a nominal fee of $5. And can we talk about how amazing it smelled there..?!?

Carmela Masters

So wonderful! Can't wait to go back and get more! It will be so much better using real lavender at my wedding in September. The owner is very nice. While family is wonderful!

Kylie Russell

This was a well worth it trip! Amazing and friendly staff, and the farm is well kept up! Definitely will be back!

Rachelle Brousseau

My new forever store.
Beautiful product's.
everything I have bought from there "I love" great prices.