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Create memories with a lavender field photoshoot

Kayla Spencer Photography

Kayla Spencer Photography

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Amber Marie Photography

Sara Munce Studios

Sara Munce Studios


Timing of blooms on the farm vary from year to year. Typically, we have lavender blooming from late June through the beginning of August with peak bloom falling around July 4th.
This is NOT guaranteed. We have many other flora on the farm during all seasons with lavender being the predominant crop.

Time slots available by appointment only booked online through our website.

We do NOT provide the photographer!

Specific fields, Lavender varieties and color subject to availability/weather conditions.

Because there is a small window of bloom time spaces are limited, so be sure to book early. Bookings for lavender field photoshoots are non refundable but may be rescheduled if the weather is inclement.

Sessions include use of the farm for photography sessions with a professional or semi-professional photographer for client photos and/or commercial landscape or natural art photos. Photographers are not available at the farm; you must hire your own photographer and ensure reserved time works for all parties. Indigo Lavender Farms has no responsibility for the quality of work of any photographer or the relationship between client and photographer.

Photo Sessions:
• 1 hour: $60
• 2 hours: $100
*1/2 hour time slots are not available given the size of the farm and set up time required to accommodate guests.


  • We love our photographers! And we especially love when you post or share your photos with us! Please share and tag Indigo Lavender Farms - @lavenderfarming - for any photos taken and placed on social media platforms. However, if you do share your photos with us by email, dropbox, or post to our social media pages, or if you tag us, you must include your studio logo/name on the photo. Photos submitted to us directly or shared online that are not marked with your studio name may be reused without attribution as we receive thousands of photos of our fields every summer. And one picture of a lavender bloom looks awfully similar to another despite your individual photographic skill! :-). If we find a photo we really want to use for promotional purposes, we will contact you directly regarding obtaining an unmarked copy and to discuss attribution.
  • Your reservation is booked specifically for the time you select. If you are late or your client is late you cannot run over your reservation time. We have other photographers who have booked before and after your reservation. You will be charged for any time beyond your scheduled time slot.
  • Please inform your guests to be dressed and prepared for photo shoot as we have no available changing rooms and only portable bathrooms.
  • No nude or lingerie photos are allowed on the farm.
  • Please remain on the pathways, grassy turfs or mowed lawn areas at all times.
  • If you would like cuttings or bundles of lavender you or your client may purchase a bundle or UPick for an additional charge.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Drone Photography is NOT permitted. Drone photography must be scheduled through the farm directly by calling 810-417-0909.
  • Reservations may include up to 2 photographers and one family or small group (3-6 individuals). If you wish to photograph a wedding or a larger group, please call us at 810-417-0909 to arrange an appropriate  time schedule and pricing.
  • Your reservation enables you and your clients to be at the farm during your scheduled time. We encourage you to set a timer on your phone so that you don't lose track of time, as we may have other scheduled photographers or events following yours. Please be courteous of other photographer's reserved times or other events ongoing at the farm. We will not allow more than 4 photographic sessions on the farm at one time. Other small, private events may be scheduled at the same time as your session but should not interfere with your shoot. (We have 50 acres - more than enough room for multiple parties!).
  • You will NOT be guaranteed any specific field or specific location on the farm. Photo sessions in the morning tend to be less busy and are more likely to ensure you have access to specific area on the farm.
  • Booking “mini-session” is permitted. You MUST coordinate with your clients to meet them in the parking lot. Indigo Lavender Farms staff is not responsible for bringing your clients to you. Set a timer on your phone so you can meet your client and take them on to the farm.
  • You are allowed to bring your own props but they must be picked up and removed within your allotted time and following the rules above in regards to grassy areas or pathways.
  • Dogs are permitted for photo sessions but must remain on a leash and you are responsible for clean up. You will be charged for clean up if anything is left behind.
  • Photographers may arrive 30 minutes early to prepare and check lighting requirements.
  • Impolite, rude or offensive social media posts regarding Indigo Lavender Farms, its owners or employees may result in cancelation of future reservations or denial of reservation requests.
  • You are required to inform your clients and children of the above rules and help to enforce them.
  • If these rules are not followed or we deem your conduct or your clients conduct inappropriate at our sole discretion, we have the right to ask you to leave.
  • If weather is inclement Indigo Lavender Farms will reschedule as availability permits.
  • Complete cancellations for any reason are non-refundable.
  • By booking and paying for this session you agree to ALL of the above rules.

Contact us for Special Requests - 810-417-0909

Call us for a quote for longer sessions, large numbers of participants (> 6 or multiple parties), special props or requests, weddings or other special events.