All Natural Lavender, Honey and Products

Treat yourself to a trip to our lavender farm in Imlay City, MI

The sight of lavender growing out in the open air is one you'll remember for a long time. A trip to Indigo Lavender Farms can lift your spirits and brighten your mood. Our location is a popular place for photo shoots. You can stop by for a tour of our farm.

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Natural Raw Honey

Indigo Lavender Farms is home to over 1 Million Honey Bees. Our bees primarily pollinate the lavender which makes a beautiful sweet honey. We take the honey off the hives right after the lavender has bloomed which provides the unique taste. We do not add anything to our honey leaving it raw and pure.

Pure honey will tend to turn cloudy and even crystalize. Crystallization is completely normal and a natural process which tells you the honey is pure and does not have any additives. Honey will start to bind together and form crystals when the fructose and glucose combine. These are the natural sugars that make honey sweet.

Keeping the natural form of the honey is important. The pollen remains part of the honey which will contribute to the crystallization process. This is a good thing! It shows that you have real, pure honey and nothing has been added or removed. All the good beneficial things are still in it.

When honey crystallizes it is still considered honey and is perfectly fine to eat. While it may not have the smooth beautiful clear golden look it had when you first purchased it the honey tastes the same. You can eat it crystallized or add it to your hot tea and watch it melt. If you would like to bring it back to clear state, you can warm up some water and place the bottle in the water to melt the crystals slowly. If you heat it too quickly in a microwave or boil it you will lose the natural beneficial properties of honey.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Farm Tours & Presentations

Farm Tours & Presentations

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Photo Sessions

Photo Sessions

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Shop for handmade lavender products from our farm

Lavender has a lovely scent. It's often used in lotions, soaps and candles. You can bring the scent of lavender home with you by purchasing products from our lavender farm. We make our own lavender products with the material we grow on our property.

You can buy:

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What makes Indigo Lavender Farms such a special place?

We have 14,000 lavender plants spread across 26 acres of land. The image of lavender flowers gently blowing in the breeze will stay with you for a long time. You can schedule a time to visit our farm and pick your very own sprigs of lavender. You can also hold a photo session, plan your wedding here or visit us for a tour of the space.