How to Grow Lavender

Before planting, prune lightly removing any bloom shoots. Plant outdoors in full sun and well draining soil after all threat of frost is gone. Water regularly until the plant is established and shooting up bloom stems. No fertilizer required. Adult plants do not like over watering. Plant on a hillside or in a raised bed away from landscape sprinklers. Adult plants do not transplant well either. They like to stay put in their original location. In colder climates, prune hard after blooms are spent and at least 6 weeks before first frost date. Remove all foliage and dead leaves from around the base of the plant. Plants may be covered with frost cloth or other cold barrier for winter but barrier should not be left on in sunny conditions with temps over 50*F/10*C.

Big Time Blue

Big Time Blue "lavendula angustifolia"

H: 18"-24"
S: 24"-30"
C: Blue

Melissa Lilac

Melissa Lilac "lavendula angustifolia"

H: 18"-24"
S: 24-30"
C: Light Purple

Hidcote Rosea

Hidcote Rosea "lavendula angustifolia"

H: 12"-18"
S: 12"-18"
C: Light Pink


Edelweiss "lavendula x intermedia"

H: 24"-36"
S: 30"-36"
C: White

Hidcote Blue

Hidcote Blue "lavendula angustifolia"

H: 16"-20"
S: 18"-24"
C: Dark Purple


Phenomenal "lavendula x intermedia"

H: 24"-36"
S: 30"-36"
C: Purple

Hidcote Giant

Hidcote Giant

Lavendula x Intermedia
Hardiness 5-9
Height 24 - 36"
Spread 36-48"
Color Violet