How to Cut and Dry Lavender

When you arrive at the farm, purchase a Lavender Bundle Admission ticket. You will receive scissors and a flower band upon entry. Choose one or several different varieties of Lavender to harvest. Cut Lavender stem 2 - 3 inches above the base of the plant. Once you have a large enough bundle the flower band will wrap and secure you are done harvesting.

At home, break apart the large bundle into smaller bundles, roughly an inch in diameter. Hang smaller bundles upside down in a cool dry place to dry for about two weeks. After dry, you can place the dried stems in a vase for a beautiful arrangement that will last for years. Or you can "de-bud" the stems by rubbing the buds between your fingers gently. The buds will remove from the stem to be used for culinary or craft. Sachets are a popular use for dried lavender buds, by placing buds in a cotton or organza bag and putting them in a drawer you will keep the drawer smelling of a beautiful lavender aroma. Culinary recipes can be found on our "Recipes" page.